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" We are investing in the blue economy, contributing to the
sustainable future of Portugal, Europe, and our Planet!"



Blue Investor will explore concepts, ideas, challenges, and opportunities regarding the role that technology and innovation can play in supporting a sustainable blue economy in Europe. Through three interactive keynote sessions, we will delve into current investments in Portugal within key areas for the development of the blue economy, as well as the emerging opportunities for the blue investors. Our audience will gain insights into the on-going investments aimed at reshaping our industrial sectors, including: the industrial cluster for ocean industries, offshore renewable energy, and blue biotechnology.

The blue economy plays a fundamental role in transforming Europe's economy into one that is both resilient and low carbon. It also contributes to supporting the European Union in achieving its ambitions outlined in the European Green Deal.

Blue Investor brings together policymakers, local government agencies and industry representatives from the offshore renewable energies, ports, shipping, and technology sectors to explore how Portugal can lead the way towards a sustainable blue economy.

This event will address the role of emerging technologies and innovation in achieving this goal. It encompasses harnessing offshore renewable energy, advancing blue biotechnology, and accelerating the digital and energy transitions within ports, shipping, and the maritime industry. 

Blue Investor is the perfect place to meet experts from different countries and with diverse backgrounds, sharing knowledge and experiences in all relevant aspects, aiming to highlight different approaches and facilitate the exchange of best practices to promote the financing of the sustainable blue economy.

At Blue Investor, we show case three projects financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan and by private consortiums, aimed at nurturing new ventures in Portugal's sustainable blue economy. The total investment amounts to 477 million euros and represents an important contribution to leverage the blue economy. Furthermore, these projects embody strategic initiatives that are set to transform the national economic landscape, catalysing innovative and differentiating actions to drive sustainable growth in the blue economy. 

Blue Investor also offers three interactive sessions spotlighting current investment prospects in Portugal's emerging sectors of sustainable blue economy: the creation of the industrial cluster for ocean industries, the deployment of offshore renewable energies and the advancements in blue biotechnology. 

Join us in exploring these promising opportunities with the aim of fostering technology-based sustainable ocean industries.

Our ambition is to accelerate and scale-up the impact of blue economy, through partnerships for the investment of sustainable business solutions aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, Blue Investor is intended to be a dynamic platform where investors and promoters will converge to share insights and chart the course

Save the date for October 4th, 2023, as Lisboa becomes the epicentre of new investment opportunities in the blue economy.











Welcome Aboard
Minister of Infrastructure, João Galamba 

Video Screening 
Ocean Campus, Port Tech Cluster, Carlos Correia
Hub Azul, Network to Catalyze the Blue Economy, Marisa Lameiras da Silva

Blue Investments in Portugal - Agendas for Business Innovation
INOVAMAR, Blue Bioeconomy Pact, Miguel Marques
NEXUS, Shaping Future Ports - Digital and Energy Transition, Luis Cacho
H2DRIVEN, Green Hydrogen and Methanol, Nuno Moreira

Coffee and Business Break

Opportunities for Blue Investments 
The Industrial Cluster for Ocean Industries, Pedro Ponte
Offshore Renewable Energies - 10 Gigawatt Ambition, Teresa Simões

Closing Remarks
Minister of the Economy and Maritime Affairs, António Costa Silva

Blue Investor Programme


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